What is Astrology?

Since always, people looked to the stars and sky to guide them. Astrology is a study that analyses the correlation of the planets and how they affect our Earth. People that study astrology, called astrologers firmly believes that planet’s positions when a person is born strongly affect their characters and their destiny. Many people use the power of astrology to define people’s character, to predict their fortune in life and even find out more about their romantic relationships. Does astrology have a huge role in people’s lives?


Popular astrology forms


There are many astrology forms that are practised nowadays, traditions oriented on many aspects of people’s life. Every one of these astrology forms and traditions gives you a different inside in people’s characters, destiny, love life, fortune and many more parts that affect people’s lives.

Some of these astrological forms are constantly used nowadays and they are quite popular among people.  The Chinese astrology tradition is based on the Chinese philosophy that is oriented on heaven, earth, and water, so called the theory of three harmonies. This tradition uses yin and yang principles, the 10 celestial stems, Wu Xing teachings, the sun and moon calendars, and calculation of time by year month and day. This tradition says that the destiny of people can be analyzed by calculating the positions of the planets when a person is born, also, with determining the positions of the comets, Sun and Moon at a person’s birth. Parts of this tradition are constantly used nowadays to divine someone’s fortune in life.

Certainly, one of the most popular astrology forms used constantly these days is Horoscopic astrology. Using the heaven’s visual representation that is formed at a defining moment in time, horoscopes astrology can interpret the meaning that hides behind that particular moment. The most important unique thing about this kind of astrology is the ascendant. The Horoscopic astrology is using birth charts to define people’s characters, their actions and partly their destiny in life.

The system of Western astrology is mainly horoscopes and very popular in these modern days, based on forming a horoscope for a certain moment that is influenced by several cosmic bodies. Most know by sun sign horoscope that you can find in many newspapers and magazines daily. The sun sign horoscope depends on the position of the Sun at the time of person’s birth and that places a person in one of the 12 zodiac signs.


What’s your zodiac sign?

The zodiac signs are definitely most popular part of astrology. Everyone at least a couple of times read about their sign and what that sign represents. Developed system of 12 zodiac signs that are directly referred to you by the Sun’s placement at the time of your birth

Do you know which zodiac represents you?

The zodiac signs represent different types of personality and person’s characteristics that depend on the date and time of your birth. Exactly 12 zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pieces. All the signs are divided into 4 different element groups: fire, earth, water, and air. Some of the signs are masculine and some of them are feminine, depending on their element group. Also, the signs can be cardinal, fixed and mutable depending on their qualities. All around you, either online or in written press you can find daily, monthly or yearly horoscope for your sign, giving you complete info about your love life, health, work and fortune stuff that will happen in your life.

Besides from your Sun sign, you also own a sign by planets and luminaries, also, as the sun signs, they are exactly 12. You can have a Moon sign, Mars sign, Venus signs or any other depending on which planet falls in your house.

Does astrology affect people’s lives?

No questions, astrology is certainly valued studies that could affect people’s lives, depending if you are a believer in the position of planets, stars, and signs that influence your life from your birth. Using the power of astrology, you can find out many things about yourself, your life, your purpose in life, and the paths you need to choose for your future, about health, family, friends, your love relationships, career and all other things that affect your present and future life.

It can reveal you options and solutions to problems and challenges that interrupt your life and answering you questions about yourself and your life. It can help people clear their minds and find about the deepest things their personality holds and embrace their potential to achieve their wishes and goals.

Astrology can definitely bring people hope and optimism about future events in their life, making them calmer and allowing them to see the world around them clearer.


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