Do sign compatibility like Sagittarius and Aquarius are better than normal social conventions?

Is sign compatibility better than normal social conventions? Are matches really made in heaven? Well, these are some questions that people have been asking and looking for answers from various resources. Where few people believe that a match which is based on perspective and capability to adjust to any situation can be the foundation of a relationship, many don’t agree with it.

At least 25% of Americans confessed having belief in astrology and verified the fact that they prefer sign compatibility. Some people even confessed that they wish seeing more of Aquarius traits in their partner than of Aries.




Check few important things to know the answer.

Sign compatibility

Sun signs or Moon signs – there are many important facts that you may be unaware of. Where all zodiac signs have their own strengths and weaknesses, many people believe that these signs are one of the factors which are responsible for influencing individual traits. In fact, taking the help of astrology, an astrologer can assess the Sun, Moon, and Planet positions to have a basic idea of an individual’s fears, flaws, preferences and even characteristics.




Normal social conventions

In case of social conventions, people consider assistance of horoscope to be a hoax. What they believe is important is the personality of a person. As per such belief, acceptance of reality that has valid proof is more important to them than believing something that is unknown.

People in this category prefer to be with someone who reciprocates their feeling and not with someone whose zodiac sign seems compatible with theirs.

Fixating only on one facet and stating ‘Sagittarius and Aquarius have perfect compatibility’ or ‘fire signs like Leo is not compatible with Pisces’ can be a mistake. What a person requires is an insight of both these aspects. And there are certain astrology related websites which can answer all your queries.

I’ll write more articles in the future that talk about the compatibility between different zodiac signs.  Let me know if you are looking for any specific ones!

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