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Do sign compatibility like Sagittarius and Aquarius are better than normal social conventions?

Is sign compatibility better than normal social conventions? Are matches really made in heaven? Well, these are some questions that people have been asking and looking for answers from various resources. Where few people believe that a match which is based on perspective and capability to adjust to any situation can be the foundation of a relationship, many don’t agree with it.

At least 25% of Americans confessed having belief in astrology and verified the fact that they prefer sign compatibility. Some people even confessed that they wish seeing more of Aquarius traits in their partner than of Aries.




Check few important things to know the answer.

Sign compatibility

Sun signs or Moon signs – there are many important facts that you may be unaware of. Where every zodiac sign has its own strength and weaknesses, many people believe that these signs are one of the factors which are responsible for influencing individual traits. In fact, taking the help of astrology, an astrologer can assess the Sun, Moon, and Planet positions to have a basic idea of an individual’s fears, flaws, preferences and even characteristics.




Normal social conventions

In case of social conventions, people consider assistance of horoscope to be a hoax. What they believe is important is the personality of a person. As per such belief, acceptance of reality that has valid proof is more important to them than believing something that is unknown.

People in this category prefer to be with someone who reciprocates their feeling and not with someone whose zodiac sign seems compatible with theirs.

Fixating only on one facet and stating ‘Sagittarius and Aquarius have perfect compatibility’ or ‘fire signs like Leo is not compatible with Pisces’ can be a mistake. What a person requires is an insight of both these aspects. And there are certain astrology related websites which can answer all your queries.

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Does the modern society still believe in astrology?

Are you aware that a certain research report by Gallup polls highlighted a fact that nearly 73% of adults (British) strongly believe in astrology? Surprising, isn’t it? Not just this, about 31% of people confessed that they rely on sun signs and find yearly prediction useful. In fact, a research report also showcased that people with Zodiac signs Sagittarius and Aquarius find sun signs to be helpful in finding their potential life partners.

This statistics is not an info of past decade but of present time. Check out all the affirmative reasons stating that modern society does really believe in astrology.


Stars and constellations


 3 major reasons to believe in astrology


To have deeper insight of life

Astrology has been guidance for people for centuries till now. It lays down a blue print for people to understand about their life forecast. Many successful people have followed astrology over the years to get prominent success. So there is no reason for modern people not to believe in astrology.  As quoted by John Pierpont Morgan if one desires to become a millionaire or billionaire, the way to it is astrology.

Happy work life

In the present society, a majority of people like to take the help of astrology to have an idea of their prospective career areas and choosing academic fields. In fact, astrology can also assist you in saving yourself from disastrous times and utilizing opportune times.


Creating an astronomical chart


Astrology can unveil your weaknesses and strength

Astrologers after a thorough study of stars and planetary movements, can state with facts what are the weaknesses embedded in a person. They also help to eradicate the break through points and enhance personality with a good fortune. So, who does not want that? Hence, modern society does hold a belief in astrology.

There are trusted spirituality and astrology websites from where you can know more of such reasons. And why to shy away from astrology? Who wouldn’t like to have a typical Gemini life partner with a dash of Sagittarius and Aquarius traits?

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Where do astronomy and spirituality meet?

Talking about spirituality and astronomy, most people consider both these aspects at a different level. Where spirituality is an abstract form that helps people to analyze, assess and look within themselves; astronomy is the arena that has science backing its claims. Again, when basic differentiation is made between both sphere, Aquarius traits does not hold any importance in astronomy as it is only seen as a constellation. But in case of spirituality, the same thing states friendliness and impartial nature as traits of Aquarius.

You can have an idea that how expanded both these areas are in their individual self. But then there is a huge question- where do astronomy and spirituality meet? Read on to unveil the answer.


astronomy - horoscope reading


Where do both astronomy and spirituality meet?

Life and death have always been a mystery to humanity. Where does one go after death? Is there an afterlife? Do humans carry their sins of present life to their afterlife? There are so many questions that common people have in their minds but without any answer. Where thoughts are like swirling clouds, giving a form to something to place your faith leads you to a path of spirituality.

In fact, you even create a picture in your mind and name it God, who somewhere is keeping a record of all your deeds. And after your body perishes, you know that your ousia (essence) will remain within this universe.



It exactly is the place where you will find both the areas meeting. The very day when you are born, constellations or Zodiac elements start playing their roles in your destiny. It can be said that a boy born of zodiac sign Sagittarius and Aquarius signed girl or vice versa are compatible with each other. Both people having these zodiac signs have a higher inclination to spirituality which makes them try to be the perfect partner for each other.

Both these spheres in individuality have lot many mysteries, and when they meet, they give birth to enlightenment. So if you want to more about it, there are certain websites which relay more about spirituality, astronomy, and many other interesting aspects.

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