Key Prediction Made by Vedic Astrology

The Vedic and the Vedas

Approximately 5,000 to 8,000 years ago the Vedic civilization may its way in the India. During that period, this culture created several methodologies to help them understand life and relief people from its sufferings: such as Yoga, the Kamasutra, the Ayurveda medicine, the Vedic mathematics and the Vedic astrology.

As a cultural, religious movement within society, the Vedic people started developing a collection of hymns, prayers and mantras, called the Vedas. These Vedas globalized the sacred knowledge of the whole universe. They are written in Sanskrit and have been studied for the last couple of centuries by millions of people. One of the main teachings in the Vedas is that all creations were and are equal, thus, bound together by an immense and divine love, so, there is no distinction per se between animals, individual human beings, plants, etc. because everything was created by the sacred.


Vedic Astrology

Also referred to as ‘Jyotish’. This is a branch of the Vedic culture that involves the studies of astrology. Jyotish astrology is based under the believe that all things are linked. Karma (whether ‘good or bad’) has simply been determined by a design that the cosmos made even before the person was born.

At the time of birth, the specific planetary positions will indicate many things, such as traits about the strengths and weaknesses of the individual’s personality, how the character is likely to be, or whether the person will have a good life or not. Just like in Western Astrology, a birth or natal chart can then be drawn up upon all the given information and this will allow the person to understand the important events in their lives.

However, unlike Western astrology, Vedic astrology uses the sidereal zodiac; in other words, the zodiac is based on a fixed and observable position of the constellations, as seen in the sky. In high contrast to Western astrology that uses the tropical sun, influenced by the changeable position of the sun.


Jyotish Charts

This is a map-like information on the planets that influence during the moment of birth and subsequent life, this then allows the dashas (system that specifies a period of time), to be arranged.  The dashas are used by the astrologer to ‘see’ when an event will occur in a person’s life. This is the reason why Vedic astrology remains important in the lives of many Hindus, because it is not only used to predict the good or the bad, but it is also used to name newborn babies thanks to their charts, or to see whether a new business should be opened or not or whether the union of two people in marriage will succeed or not. Vedic astrology is intrinsic to the Hindu culture, because of their own nature of being connected with all, due to its closeness to each other and their respect to the earth and its creatures.


Can Vedic be Veridical?

So, with all of this in line, can Vedic Astrology be predictive? Dashas provide with a greater accuracy than what the Western astrology could ever do, simply because they help to have an overall look instead of a more meticulous look on a specific matter. The siddhis (or metaphysical powers) that the Vedic sages (thinkers) displayed, only further up the extent to which the research and knowledge on an astrological level was.

The Bhrigu Samhita astrology system was designed by Bhrigu who was a disciple of Shiva. This is a great example of how to map human consciousness. It was created through a yogic power called ‘citta siddhi’ which is an ancient power in the Vedic scriptures that allows minds to be read. With his own perceptions in place, he drew a general comparison on how human beings will be, as humanity, up until the end of life or the end of the solar system. He spoke about how the evolution will occur, what humans will do, and how situations will happen to people according to the combinations of the charts.

Bhrigu then had disciples of his own who continued mapping a person’s life. However, the interpretation sometimes made was not always accurate, because it always depends on the expertise of the person reading it, or on the willingness the person who receives it has.

Furthermore, there has been some well-known international mistakes made by Vedic astrologers in the India, for example, when they failed to predict the war between Indian and Pakistan in 1982. They also failed to predict the assassination of Gandhi. This has given Indian’s scientific community the opportunity to speak out against the importance that the Vedic Astrology has in the country, because there are no scientific methods or scientific background that backs up the knowledge that the ancient Vedic astrology has put on display.

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What is Astrology?

Since always, people looked to the stars and sky to guide them. Astrology is a study that analyses the correlation of the planets and how they affect our Earth. People that study astrology, called astrologers firmly believes that planet’s positions when a person is born strongly affect their characters and their destiny. Many people use the power of astrology to define people’s character, to predict their fortune in life and even find out more about their romantic relationships. Does astrology have a huge role in people’s lives?


Popular astrology forms


There are many astrology forms that are practised nowadays, traditions oriented on many aspects of people’s life. Every one of these astrology forms and traditions gives you a different inside in people’s characters, destiny, love life, fortune and many more parts that affect people’s lives.

Some of these astrological forms are constantly used nowadays and they are quite popular among people.  The Chinese astrology tradition is based on the Chinese philosophy that is oriented on heaven, earth, and water, so called the theory of three harmonies. This tradition uses yin and yang principles, the 10 celestial stems, Wu Xing teachings, the sun and moon calendars, and calculation of time by year month and day. This tradition says that the destiny of people can be analyzed by calculating the positions of the planets when a person is born, also, with determining the positions of the comets, Sun and Moon at a person’s birth. Parts of this tradition are constantly used nowadays to divine someone’s fortune in life.

Certainly, one of the most popular astrology forms used constantly these days is Horoscopic astrology. Using the heaven’s visual representation that is formed at a defining moment in time, horoscopes astrology can interpret the meaning that hides behind that particular moment. The most important unique thing about this kind of astrology is the ascendant. The Horoscopic astrology is using birth charts to define people’s characters, their actions and partly their destiny in life.

The system of Western astrology is mainly horoscopes and very popular in these modern days, based on forming a horoscope for a certain moment that is influenced by several cosmic bodies. Most know by sun sign horoscope that you can find in many newspapers and magazines daily. The sun sign horoscope depends on the position of the Sun at the time of person’s birth and that places a person in one of the 12 zodiac signs.


What’s your zodiac sign?

The zodiac signs are definitely most popular part of astrology. Everyone at least a couple of times read about their sign and what that sign represents. Developed system of 12 zodiac signs that are directly referred to you by the Sun’s placement at the time of your birth

Do you know which zodiac represents you?

The zodiac signs represent different types of personality and person’s characteristics that depend on the date and time of your birth. Exactly 12 zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pieces. All the signs are divided into 4 different element groups: fire, earth, water, and air. Some of the signs are masculine and some of them are feminine, depending on their element group. Also, the signs can be cardinal, fixed and mutable depending on their qualities. All around you, either online or in written press you can find daily, monthly or yearly horoscope for your sign, giving you complete info about your love life, health, work and fortune stuff that will happen in your life.

Besides from your Sun sign, you also own a sign by planets and luminaries, also, as the sun signs, they are exactly 12. You can have a Moon sign, Mars sign, Venus signs or any other depending on which planet falls in your house.

Does astrology affect people’s lives?

No questions, astrology is certainly valued studies that could affect people’s lives, depending if you are a believer in the position of planets, stars, and signs that influence your life from your birth. Using the power of astrology, you can find out many things about yourself, your life, your purpose in life, and the paths you need to choose for your future, about health, family, friends, your love relationships, career and all other things that affect your present and future life.

It can reveal you options and solutions to problems and challenges that interrupt your life and answering you questions about yourself and your life. It can help people clear their minds and find about the deepest things their personality holds and embrace their potential to achieve their wishes and goals.

Astrology can definitely bring people hope and optimism about future events in their life, making them calmer and allowing them to see the world around them clearer.


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Do sign compatibility like Sagittarius and Aquarius are better than normal social conventions?

Is sign compatibility better than normal social conventions? Are matches really made in heaven? Well, these are some questions that people have been asking and looking for answers from various resources. Where few people believe that a match which is based on perspective and capability to adjust to any situation can be the foundation of a relationship, many don’t agree with it.

At least 25% of Americans confessed having belief in astrology and verified the fact that they prefer sign compatibility. Some people even confessed that they wish seeing more of Aquarius traits in their partner than of Aries.




Check few important things to know the answer.

Sign compatibility

Sun signs or Moon signs – there are many important facts that you may be unaware of. Where all zodiac signs have their own strengths and weaknesses, many people believe that these signs are one of the factors which are responsible for influencing individual traits. In fact, taking the help of astrology, an astrologer can assess the Sun, Moon, and Planet positions to have a basic idea of an individual’s fears, flaws, preferences and even characteristics.




Normal social conventions

In case of social conventions, people consider assistance of horoscope to be a hoax. What they believe is important is the personality of a person. As per such belief, acceptance of reality that has valid proof is more important to them than believing something that is unknown.

People in this category prefer to be with someone who reciprocates their feeling and not with someone whose zodiac sign seems compatible with theirs.

Fixating only on one facet and stating ‘Sagittarius and Aquarius have perfect compatibility’ or ‘fire signs like Leo is not compatible with Pisces’ can be a mistake. What a person requires is an insight of both these aspects. And there are certain astrology related websites which can answer all your queries.

I’ll write more articles in the future that talk about the compatibility between different zodiac signs.  Let me know if you are looking for any specific ones!

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Does the modern society still believe in astrology?

Are you aware that a certain research report by Gallup polls highlighted a fact that nearly 73% of adults (British) strongly believe in astrology? Surprising, isn’t it? Not just this, about 31% of people confessed that they rely on sun signs and find yearly prediction useful. In fact, a research report also showcased that people with Zodiac signs Sagittarius and Aquarius find sun signs to be helpful in finding their potential life partners.

This statistics is not an info of past decade but of present time. Check out all the affirmative reasons stating that modern society does really believe in astrology.


Stars and constellations


 3 major reasons to believe in astrology


To have deeper insight of life

Astrology has been guidance for people for centuries till now. It lays down a blue print for people to understand about their life forecast. Many successful people have followed astrology over the years to get prominent success. So there is no reason for modern people not to believe in astrology.  As quoted by John Pierpont Morgan if one desires to become a millionaire or billionaire, the way to it is astrology.

Happy work life

In the present society, a majority of people like to take the help of astrology to have an idea of their prospective career areas and choosing academic fields. In fact, astrology can also assist you in saving yourself from disastrous times and utilizing opportune times.


Creating an astronomical chart


Astrology can unveil your weaknesses and strength

Astrologers after a thorough study of stars and planetary movements, can state with facts what are the weaknesses embedded in a person. They also help to eradicate the break through points and enhance personality with a good fortune. So, who does not want that? Hence, modern society does hold a belief in astrology.

There are trusted spirituality and astrology websites from where you can know more of such reasons. And why to shy away from astrology? Who wouldn’t like to have a typical Gemini life partner with a dash of Sagittarius and Aquarius traits?

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Where do astronomy and spirituality meet?

Talking about spirituality and astronomy, most people consider both these aspects at a different level. Where spirituality is an abstract form that helps people to analyze, assess and look within themselves; astronomy is the arena that has science backing its claims. Again, when basic differentiation is made between both sphere, Aquarius traits does not hold any importance in astronomy as it is only seen as a constellation. But in case of spirituality, the same thing states friendliness and impartial nature as traits of Aquarius.

You can have an idea that how expanded both these areas are in their individual self. But then there is a huge question- where do astronomy and spirituality meet? Read on to unveil the answer.


astronomy - horoscope reading


Where do both astronomy and spirituality meet?

Life and death have always been a mystery to humanity. Where does one go after death? Is there an afterlife? Do humans carry their sins of present life to their afterlife? There are so many questions that common people have in their minds but without any answer. Where thoughts are like swirling clouds, giving a form to something to place your faith leads you to a path of spirituality.

In fact, you even create a picture in your mind and name it God, who somewhere is keeping a record of all your deeds. And after your body perishes, you know that your ousia (essence) will remain within this universe.



It exactly is the place where you will find both the areas meeting. The very day when you are born, constellations or Zodiac elements start playing their roles in your destiny. It can be said that a boy born of zodiac sign Sagittarius and Aquarius signed girl or vice versa are compatible with each other. Both people having these zodiac signs have a higher inclination to spirituality which makes them try to be the perfect partner for each other.

Both these spheres in individuality have lot many mysteries, and when they meet, they give birth to enlightenment. So if you want to more about it, there are certain websites which relay more about spirituality, astronomy, and many other interesting aspects.

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